About - Values, Principles, Experience and Resumes


  1. -Trust - Trust is earned but must be given to be tested

  2. -Change - Change is a necessary part of organizational life that needs continual care and attention

  3. -Confidentiality - We treat all discussions as strictly confidential.  We don’t discuss client work with anyone

  4. -Results - Together, we develop a clear understanding of the results required and measures of success

Jacobson Page provides general management consulting to clients aiming for excellence.  We help our clients by providing advice that is independent, objective and carefully considered.  We also aim to provide advice that can be realistically implemented in a practical way.

Our list of past client engagements is extensive and acts as a testimony to 30 years of experience in the pursuit of strategic goals with our clients.  Our experience encompasses:

  1. Business Process Improvement:  Energy, Transportation, Pipeline/Utility sectors, as well as the public sector;

  2. Public Program Evaluation: Ministries of Agriculture and Employment;

  3. Organizational Design: Transportation, Infrastructure, Advanced Education, Medical Research and Health Care;

  4. Facilitating Strategic Planning: Professional Associations; Public Agencies and Corporations;

  5. Designing Human Resource systems: entrepreneurial organizations seeking to develop more effective HR;

  6. 360 degree feedback: for CEOs and senior staff seeking ongoing improvement as a leader.

  7. Succession Planning: Entrepreneurial and family run businesses


  1. -Client Driven - We put client needs first and foremost - our passion is helping organizations improve

  2. -Abundance - By working together, everyone can share in gains made

  3. -Partnership - Working together in a spirit of partnership helps build mutual trust

  4. -Fairness - We create mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes for everyone involved

  1. -Al Jacobson - Experience and Background